Pizza: Chicago style

One thing Chicago is known for in the culinary world is it's pizza. We've got all kinds -- thin crust, thick crust, pan pizza, deep dish pizza, calzones. 

(Waldo Cooney's thin crust - 1/2 pepperoni, 1/2 sausage, mushroom and green pepper)

But the pizza that Chicago is known for is it's stuffed pizza. There are a lot of Chicago area places that offer up outstanding stuffed pizza - Giordanno's, Geno's East, Arrenello's, Sanfratello's. The one pictured below is from Waldo Cooney's. It a stuffed cheese pizza. Stuffed pizzas are truly like a pie with a thick crust that climbs up the side of the pan and is filled in with various ingredients and then topped with a sweet tomato sauce and baked until the cheese in the middle is incredibly gooey. Unlike thin crust pizza, which is a great leftover either cold or reheated, stuffed pizza is best enjoyed right away before the cheese sets into a big clump. Get it when it's toasty warm and it's nothing short of heavenly. 

So, what's your favorite type of pizza and your favorite pizza place?


  1. *Falls on the floor*

    This looks too good. I am speechless.


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