Buffalo Chicken Nachos

I recently went to my first Tastefully Simple tasting party. I have ordered items in the past when friends have had parties, but this was the first time I actually got to try out a lot of the products. One that I loved was the Buffalo Blue Cheese Dip Mix. 

I made up a batch one night and served it up with some grilled chicken strips and cheese and had blue corn tortilla chips. There's a lot you could add it for a big hearty plate -- lettuce, tomato, corn, beans, peppers, guacamole. It's really good all on it's own, though, too. I was good and just had a few, because, well...you know...dips and chips go right to the hips. But if they didn't, I could totally nosh on this for a full evening and polish off quite a bit. I'm sure it would be a popular platter at your next party.