Schmaltz's Deli

I guess I have my family trained. My hubby and father-in-law were out in the Naperville area last week and decided to stop for lunch. My father-in-law mentioned a place he'd seen on television -- a Jewish deli. Took a bit for the name to come him, but soon they were there enjoying tasty corned beef sandwiches. When they got home, they told me about the place and my husband said, "I was mad I didn't have a camera with me. I wanted to take a picture for you." :) They know by now that had I been there, I would have gotten shots from at least three different angles before they'd be allowed to dig in. 

But, hubby got two pounds of corned beef to bring home. And he made one of these. :) Very good. The two also stopped at Misch Bros. in Calumet City on the way home and this Polish rye came from there.

Hubby did bring me a Schmaltz's menu. Here's some of what you can get there:

Herald Square: Turkey breast on multi grain tomato basil bread dressed with special low fat tomato basil pesto, may, lettuce and tomato

Grammercy Park: Warm pastrami, on marble rye smeared with spicy mustard

Sloppy Paul: Warm Corned beef on marble rye with Swiss cheese sauerkraut and Russian dressing

Bronx and Bleu: Hot pastrami, creamy Bleu cheese, lettuce and tomato on an onion roll.

Think I could handle a stop there myself sometime. :)