The best beef in Chicago

I've probably posted before about my favorite beef sandwich. Yes, I've had Zel's and Portillo's and Andy's and Boz's and Italian beef sandwiches from many other places around Chicagoland, but my very favorite can only be found from April 'til September (or October if it's a good year.) In my opinion, the best Italian Beef Sandwich does not come from a restaurant or a roadside stand. It comes from Wrigley Field -- The Friendly Confines. All winter long I look forward to returning to the ball park in April for one of those awesome sandwiches.

On my visit during Opening weekend, we sat in the lower level and I set off to find a sandwich. Never expected to find much of a difference from one stand to the next, but this definitely wasn't like the sandwiches I usually get. It was dryer than usual and the peppers were a little crunchier than usual. If you want one, I'd recommend heading up to the upper deck and then heading straight behind home plate and under the press booth. I've never been a bit disappointed up there. It's perfect every time. And when I'm really hungry, I get the beef and sausage combo, which I didn't see at the stand I went to this time, but you're sure to find at the upper deck center spot. You actually pass the other food lines and go out onto a little patio and down a few stairs. So, if you don't know what you're looking for, it's a little tricky to find it. But it is SOOO worth it. Try it out if you head to a Cubs game this season. And let me know if you agree that it's the best beef in Chicago.