Taste of Poland

At a recent dentist appointment, I head my dentist talking to another patient about a Polish deli he'd discovered nearby. When he got in to see me I had to ask more. He directed me just down the road to Taste of Poland in Dyer. He told me there was a deli that had good Polish sausage and that there was also  an adjoining restaurant that served a buffet.

I don't have an ounce of Polish in me, but I enjoy a good pierogi, sausage and kraut as much as any Pollock. So, I didn't head into the restaurant, but I picked up some goodies in the deli and store -- sausage, sauerkraut w/bacon, meat pierogi.

And got some chocolate covered gingerbread cookies

And some bread

And not as good as the fresh, but put some pierogi in the freezer for a later time.

And I put these in the freezer, too. Can't read any of the label, but looks like lima beans, right? I love lima beans.

I told my dad about the place and he seemed eager to go try out the restaurant, so I'm hoping to head over there soon. Warsaw Inn in Lynwood is another buffet restaurant that has a good variety of Polish specialties. I haven't been there in ages.