Popcorn, man's best friend and Svengoolie

Ok, in reading that title, do those sound like three things that go wonderfully together? Well, it kind of sums up Saturday night in our house. Here in Chicagoland, there's a television host named Svengoolie. Well, his name is Rich Koz, but he dresses up as this ghoulish looking guy for his show that airs on Saturday nights at 9 p.m. on WCIU. The majority of the movies are black and white classics staring Boris Karloff or other early horror stars. There are always odd creatures - like vampires or Frankenstein or blobs or ones that come from black lagoons. It's classic B movies every Saturday night. Svengoolie gets things started off and does little skits at commercial breaks. My husband has been watching Sven since he was a kid. And for the past couple years it has become our Saturday night tradition. A black and white classic. A bowl of popcorn. Milk and cookies. Lots of pillows and blankets and cuddling. Can't think of a better place I'd like to be on a Saturday night. 

Here's my youngest, Ian, and his buddy, Waffle, getting ready for Svengoolie Night.

Oh, and P.S. If you watch Glee, you may have seen the show where the group was at Regionals and one of the judges was called "Svengoobles." That character was based on WCIU's own Svengoolie. From what I understand, one of the producers of the show is from Chicago and grew up watching Sven so he incorporated the character based on watching Rich Koz as a child. Pretty cool, huh?