A Farmer's Market Meal

Tonight I had a big plate of veggies for dinner. Most of it came from our local Farmer's Market. I love the summer months when fresh fruit and veggies can be picked out of my own backyard or purchased from local farmers. In my town there is a Farmer's Market each Wednesday evening from 4 - 7 p.m. This is the third or fourth year for the market, which is organized by our park district.

So far this year, it's been kind of a sad sight at the market. The customers are fewer and fewer and in response to that the vendors are fewer and fewer. Then customers say they stay away because there aren't enough vendors. It's a vicious cycle. And I sincerely hope things pick up a little because I would hate to see the market cease to exist. There are some vendors who are there sporadically. Most weeks you can find a vendor selling cheese or bread or honey or Tastefully Simple products. A constant each week is a couple that comes from a farm in neighboring Lynwood. They always have wonderful produce. I have been getting most of my vegetables from their stand for the past couple months. I've been getting these wonderful cremini mushrooms there that are wonderful.

So, tonight I was feeling like having something light since it was 4:30 before I got around to eating lunch at work. I scanned the fridge and counter to see what I'd picked up at the market. I'd gotten some sweet corn that I soaked and then had hubby throw on the grill. I decided to make a big bowl of fresh salsa with chips. And I also made a bowl of potatoes.

Here's a rundown of what I used:

Corn on the cob (from market)

Salsa using:
tomatoes (from market)
cucumbers (from market)
peppers (from my garden)
chives (from market)
cilantro (I have gotten cilantro plants from the market this year, but they didn't survive, so this was store bought)
lime juice (limes from market)
flavored olive oil (from market)
garlic salt

Potatoes using:
baby red potatoes (from market)
chives (from market)
flavored olive oil (from market)
tomato basil feta cheese (from Aldi)
crumbled bacon
* And I just realized that some of my market mushrooms would have gone great in this dish.

So, the market goodies are going to good use. And what about dessert? There's peach cobbler in the oven with some Illinois peaches I got at the farmer's market.