Who can resist pretty dishes for a dime?

I'm not much of a thrift shop or garage sale shopper, simply because I live in a small house and just can't fit much in it. There are seven of us in a home with two upstairs bedrooms and two more bedrooms crammed into the basement...and there's a small kitchen and almost no closet space in a our brick cape code style 1940's home. 

But, I can't pass up a bargain when I see one. Recently I was helping out with set-up at a garage sale that our local historical society puts on each summer. I found these delightful dishes marked ten cents each. Two each of two different designs. I couldn't pass them up. :) Just forty cents! I added it to my collection of dishes, many of which are mismatched singles or pairs.

Picked up this, too...total score. A CD player still in the box, looked like it was never used for $10...and a 3-disc John Denver CD set that was still in the plastic wrap - never opened. Not everyone would consider that a score, but my dad is a John Denver fan, so I got it and passed it on to him. He used to sing "Sunshine on My Shoulders" to us when we were kids. :)