Aldi is my candy store

I've written before on this blog, that when it comes to my sweet tooth, it's mostly chocolate candy I crave. I can easily pass up cakes, pies, ice cream or cookies, but for chocolate I go weak in the knees. Put a gooey brownie in front of me and all bets are off. On trips to the grocery store, I pick up a candy bar or two and try to stash it away in the closet to have at night when the kids are all in bed and I can enjoy it without anyone begging for a piece. It's getting harder and harder as my 13-year-old sniffs it out like a bloodhound after a convict. No matter where I hide it, he seems to find it. 

I love the chocolates I pick up when I shop at Aldi. It's one of the first things you see as you walk in the door - a big display of chocolate bars, all from Germany or Austria. Some are white chocolate, some milk chocolate, some dark chocolate. Some have nougat or hazelnuts. Those are hard to pass up. As much as I love the good ol' U.S. of A., our chocolate bars just don't measure up to European chocolate. I first learned that while visiting my aunt and uncle in Minneapolis when I was 12. They had a friend from Switzerland visiting who had brought along lots of Swiss chocolate. One bite and I was in love. A Hershey bar was never the same. Sure, I enjoy a good Snickers or Twix bar now and then, but Choceur is my true love...unless you drop some Ferrara Rocher or Ritter Sport in front of me. There's lots of chocolate love to go around.