A family fond of fish

We live in a suburb south of Chicago. Not exactly the best spot in the world to enjoy seafood. We have had some great fresh salmon and trout out of Lake Michigan, though, on my husband's fishing trips in southeast Wisconsin.

Most of the fish we eat at home is not fresh, though. Lots of it is frozen from the local supermarket or from Market Day or Schwan's. Two of my boys love any kind of seafood. When I make shrimp, I have to set a few aside to make sure I get some. All of the boys love salmon and we have it often. I've been making more fish for the boys lately and it's gone off pretty well. In the summer, my husband makes fish often on the grill by placing it on top of foil for cooking to prevent burning and then loading on the seasoning. Orange roughy is one that the kids seem to like, lightly seasoned. I found some seafood rub recently at Aldi that seems to work well on just about any fish. Pictured below is some tilapia from Strack and Van Til followed by some blue hake fillets from Schwan's. I love that they have come to love fish that isn't breaded and formed into sticks. Any suggestions on other fish I should try out that the kids would like?


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