A Girl Scout Cookie candy bar you'll want to try

Have to share a yummy foodie find. I'm a fan of girl scout cookies. Have been ever since my kick-ass cookie selling 4th grade year, when I sold the most of anyone in the region (still one of my proudest accomplishments.)

Anyway, if you love Thin Mints, you HAVE to try this. Just like a Thin Mint Cookie...maybe even better???

In a moment of weakness (and hunger), the clerk at the Walgreen's check out asked if wanted to buy a candy bar. They were 3 for $2. I had two of the boys with me and we each picked one out. She recommended this one. Glad she did. Sooo good! :)


  1. I literally just finished eating one of these as the page was loading lol! They are amazing and I'm addicted!

    New follower from the blog hop!


  2. Hello! Visiting you from Make My Morning Hop and could not believe my eyes when I read your post! We have a "Thin Mint" recipe that was featured on Mint.com YESTERDAY! This recipe: "Thin Mint" Holiday Ice Cream Sandwiches featured here:Chill Recipes to Beat the Summer Heat.... check it out if you'd like!

    I did not even realize that these are supposedly the most popular Girl Scout cookie sold! My favorites are the tagalong Anyway.... good to know there's a candy bar now.

    ~ Anne {The Lucky Wife via The Chef!}

  3. My faves are tagalongs, too, but Thin Mints are a close second. Great recipe! I just reposted the link on our FB page. :)


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