I love cookies with personality

I am constantly amazed by the cookie and cake creations I see on blogs in the foodie world. It takes someone who is not only a master baker, but someone with true artistic talent to be able to create such lifelike features and make desserts with such careful detail. It's a talent I don't possess. I can whip up some great soup, make you a good steak or create some tasty salads or side dishes, but baking something really pretty just isn't something I'm good at. Kudos to those who can do it!

Our sister, Jen, who lives in central Illinois has a friend in Eureka by the name of Cheri who makes wonderful cookie creations. Jen has brought them to lots of family get togethers. Last year her kids had a dinosaur-themed party and she had cookies to go with it. When my youngest had his birthday party earlier this year, she brought some Star Wars cookies. We also had a sisters weekend with the girls this past spring and Jen brought a box of lovely flower cookies for us to enjoy. A couple weeks ago she had a party for her three kids with a pirate theme. These are some of the cookies she had. Aren't they adorable? Find her Facebook page, Cheri's Cookie Page here. She does ship orders!