Dessert Menu in Dyer offers much for your sweet tooth

I recently made my first visit to the Munster Farmer's Market, which takes place each Sunday morning at Centennial Park. There I found a new dessert spot located in Dyer called Dessert Menu that opened about three months ago. I'll be sure to stop by the bakery soon to get a taste of more of the goodies. The flyer I picked up listed some of their daily offerings, which range from 50 cents to $4.50...brownie bits, a spinach & ricotta croissant, gelato, cheesecake, macarons, tarts...just a ton of yummy stuff! They also have an 8-layer atomic cake for $25. I haven't had an atomic cake in a LONG time...and my birthday is coming up...hint, hint to any family members who may be reading this. :)

So, here's a look at what they had at the Farmer's Market. They told me they are there every other week, so I'd call ahead to see if they are there if you're planning a trip for some of their goodies.

This is what I got - the Toffee Bar. When you pick one up and there's so much butter that you have to wash your hands like three know it's going to be good. :) LOL It was HUGE and just $2.