Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

On a visit to LaGrange, hubby and I had lunch at Palmer Place. Then we walked around the neighborhood a bit and stopped in the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Being the chocoholic I am, I was in Heaven!

 Just look at some of these goodies!

These are nutter butters covered in white chocolate! Wow! They were awesome!

You'll find all kinds of delicous treats - fudge, chocolate covered nuts, chocolate bars, mints caramels, chocolate dipped pretzels and more. However, when you first walk in you can't help but fix your eyes on the caramel apples. This is the Snickers one, which I'm told is one of the most popular ones.

As I was taking notes, I mentioned to the girl behind the counter that I write a food blog. She insisted I take a complimentary Snickers apple home to try. I accepted and told her I'd do a taste test and post about it on the blog. 

First of all, these are some of the biggest apples I've seen. This one had a hearty layer of caramel rolled in finely chopped peanuts that then had a thick coating of chocolate oozing down the side. Everything was high-quality and the combination was really great. I sliced it into several pieces so that everyone in the family could give it a try. Everyone gave their approval. 

If you're looking for a gift idea for the gourmet, foodie or chocolate lover in your life, consider paying a visit to one of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory locations. You can also order many of their candies online and several varieties of caramel apples also! Go to 

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
50 South La Grange Road
La Grange, IL
(708) 352-6487


  1. The apple looks great! I love their truffles---they are huge so can get me into a lot of trouble!

  2. Hey Chicago Foodie Sisters

    This is Jean Kuhn, I own the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in LaGrange. First, WOW thanks so much for including us in your blog. What a great review you gave us. We appreciate your kind words, AND Yay for my team member for taking care of you.

    Second, how can we help you?

    Have a great day?
    Jean Kuhn


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