Petey Treats

When my oldest son (now 18) started kindergarten, one of his first friends was a sweet little boy named Petey. We learned that has dad, Pete, had his own bakery nearby called "Petey Treats." We visited several times and the goodies were phenomenal. So were the sandwiches. I still find myself once in a while craving one of the grilled roast beef sandwiches with horseradish mayo.

The family also has this tradition of decking out their yard and much of their neighborhood for the holidays. The huge display is called "Peteyville." This year was the 25th anniversary.

Each year, the Basala family has a big holiday party where Pete returns to his baking roots, churning out hundreds of cookies for his guests. It's quite a sweet feast. Here's a peek:

The Basalas deck out the inside of the house just as much as the outside.

Some shots from the cookie room. Yes, there is a full room of cookies for the event!

And here's those two kindergarten buddies all grown up now!