Sorry, Morton - sea salt only for me

I just have to say that after having sea salt a few times, I don't even keep regular table salt in my kitchen anymore. Growing up, we always had that big container of Morton's salt in the cabinet with that picture of the little girl holding the umbrella. My apologies to Mr. Morton, but I've become a sea salt convert. I love to find different varieties at my local grocery store, some course and some that are more fine. I use sea salt for pretty much everything these days - I put it in a pot of water with pasta, I put it on corn on the cob, I put it on meats before cooking. It seems to have so much more flavor, too, and I tend to use way less than I do of table salt. How about you? Do you love sea salt, too?


  1. I am amazed by the range of salt. I thinking about dabbling in different salts myself. They have a bunch at World Market.

  2. Enjoy your goiter. Sea Salt does not have added iodine like table salt.

    1. Do some research and educate yourself, please.

  3. I love sea salt also.. and a friend who was moving to become Yacht Chef gave me 9 containers of different types of spices and one of Pink Sea Salt.. I love it.. I also use Kosher Salt. What do you think of that type? is it similar to table salt?


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