Venice Italian Steakhouse's Express Weekday Lunch Buffet

This past week I visited an eatery in Dyer for the second time and I loved it even more than the first time around. It's Venice Italian Steakhouse. Click HERE for the post on my first visit.

On our last visit, we got there a little late in the game. The buffet was being cleaned up as we were eating and we learned this time it pays to get there when the buffet first opens up as we had an even bigger selection than last time.

We started off with a little plate of olive oil and freshly grated Parmesan to dip our Italian bread in. I seriously could probably have eaten a loaf of that and nothing else and gone home happy. But, there was so much more to sample, so I held back and just had a slice.

Next I had a little salad - a nice colorful fresh blend of veggies with croutons. Oh, how I love croutons. :)

 It's kind of like Christmas morning when you lift up the lids to see what's on the buffet. The vegetables were exceptional. I'm a squash lover and this batch was perfect! The potatoes were awesome, too, with a light dusting of Parmesan.

The mac and cheese (well, actually rigatoni and cheese) was incredible! The ravioli (I believe was stuffed with goat cheese) was excellent and so were the sausage and meatballs served with it.

In the back is the barbecue beef - very good. The chicken in the front surprised me - a bit spicy. I liked it, just wasn't was I was expecting. I do wish the dishes were labeled so you were sure of exactly what you were getting before you took a bite.

This is what my plate looked like. I had to try a little of everything. :)

And look at what we had to choose from for dessert. Just out of view was a pistachio cheesecake. I loved it!

And here's my lunch buddies, Christa and Gianna. They met me there on my first visit and we returned there together. Might have to make this a monthly thing because the food is divine and so is the company.

Venice Italian Steakhouse
275 Joliet St.