Last night my husband had a taste for chicken wings. We have a Hooters and a Buffalo Wild Wings in town. Neither of us are that fond of BWWs and when we have a taste for chicken, we usually get Hooters. He likes the boneless chicken wings or drums. I like the chicken strips and shrimp. He's had Wingstop a couple times, but I had never tried it, so I was excited to try a new place.

I asked him to bring back some chicken strips for me. This is what he got - garlic chicken strips. They were awesome. I love anything with garlic - although he doesn't like it so much when I eat it! :) These were super tender and not spicy. I usually order my chicken on the mild side, so it was perfect. He got honey mustard on the side, which worked well with it.

Then hubby ordered a 25 piece family pack for himself and the boys. It came with boneless wings and you could select up to three flavors. He got honey barbecue, garlic and atomic.

I tried the honey barbecue. Good flavor, but on the spicy side.

I don't think there's such a thing as too much garlic. Good thing, because these were LOADED with garlic. So good!! 

These are the atomic wings. I cut off a teeny tiny little bite and was sorry. Whoah!! That's hot stuff. My husband can usually eat anything extremely hot without blinking. These had him sweating. He said that they make the "Three Mile Island" wings from Hooters taste mild. So...unless you have one of those cast-iron stomachs, you might want to try something besides the atomic wings!

Loved the seasoned fries. A big basket of them came along with the 25 wings for $21.99.

Oh, and some rolls came with it also. Some delicious, soft, buttery ones!

I'm glad I tried it out. I was definitely happy with everything I had and look forward to our next order.

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Lansing, IL