Crock pot pork

When it gets too windy and chilly to grill, I turn to my crock pot and start using it several times a week. One of my favorite thing to make in my crock pot is pork. I put a pre-seasoned tenderloin in the pot with a little water on the bottom, cook it on high for a couple hours, then move it to low and it's done and ready to slice. 

Sometimes I leave it in longer and add barbecue sauce to shred it for pulled pork sandwiches or add salsa and shred it up for pork tacos. But, sometimes I just want a plain old piece of pork and this is the easiest way to do it. This meal also included some potatoes cooked up in a skillet with some onion and a little olive oil and a bag of frozen Trader Joes' vegetables -- mushroom, beans, carrots, peppers -- that was fantastic!