Cranberry Tangerine Muffins

When I was in Aldi recently, I couldn't pass up the bargain of 25 cents for a bag of fresh cranberries, even though I had never cooked with fresh cranberries before. I thought I'd like to use them in some
muffins. I have to admit that even though I bake a lot, I do use mixes a lot. However, I usually ditch whatever canned or dried fruit is in there and use fresh.

I do it all the time with blueberry muffins. I use the mix but add fresh blueberries. Anyway, I had a muffin mix in the pantry, so I put that together according to directions. Instead of adding the canned blueberries in the box, I added some of the cranberries. Then wondering if it may make them too tart, I starting thinking about what I could do to add a little sweetness. I had some tangerines on the counter and chopped up a couple and added them to the mix and it worked wonderfully.

1 boxed muffin mix, prepared according to directions
1/2 cup chopped fresh cranberries
2 chopped tangerines

Bake as directed on muffin mix. Enjoy!