Goodbye to Popolano's

Upon hearing news just over a week ago that Popolano's in Lansing would be closing as of January 1st, I knew I'd have to get back for at least one final meal. Well, I have since been there twice and I'm not ruling out a New Year's Eve visit.

Overall I've had good experiences there and have enjoyed the meals. I am a major carb-a-holic and I don't think there are any dinner rolls I like better than these big, heavy, warm, yeasty buns. I will be sorry to see them go.

And this may not look like anything spectacular, but the garlic dressing made there is fantastic. Probably the only place left in town where I can get creamy garlic dressing like this.

The pizza has always been high on my list of favorite pizzas. My kids usually go for the simple cheese and pepperoni, but I always liked getting the "six pick" loaded with ingredients. Behind that salad is a a cup of chicken dumpling soup, which I have always ordered on my visits there. Love it!

I've had a variety of entrees at the establishment over the years. On my most recent visit I got the Chicken Lemon Scallopine over angel hair pasta, which I really enjoyed. Not too long ago I was there and got the crispelle, which was really fantastic. I was also there for a recent business meeting where one of the specials was a pasta dish with wilted spinach that made for a perfect light lunch.

While I'm almost always full long before the waitress asks about dessert, I have a hard time passing up the tiramisu. Sometimes I convince my husband or sons to split one with me or I order one to go. Last year I remember being there in the fall when they had a pumpkin tiramisu and it's one of the best desserts I have ever had in my life. You still have a little time left to get over there for one last taste at the Lansing location. They'll close up after the New Year's Eve celebration, going out with a bang. It will be sad to see a longtime family-owned restaurant close its doors. They seem to be a dying breed.

Those who are fans of Popolano's - or Popo's as some of the locals call it - can now visit their established location in Chesterton or if you happen to attend an event at the Serbian Social Center, you can get a taste of Popolano's as they are now the caterer for the banquet hall.