11 ways to use Cabot cheeses

It's been a while since I was first introduced to Cabot cheese and I now look for their products often when I do my shopping. They have quite a variety of flavors (pictured are just a few of their products) and every high quality product I have had was magnificent…and I'm a big cheesehead who has definitely consumed more cheese than the average person.

From my perspective the sharper the better and the Seriously Sharp and Vermont Sharps are favorites. Pictured is a sample box I received last year and blogged about here. I've purchased several more packages of Cabot cheese since then and used it in a variety of ways. Here's 10 (make that 11 - I couldn't narrow it down and eliminate one!) things you can do with your Cabot.

1) Cheese and crackers - It's the most common and easiest thing I've done with Cabot cheese. It's a great snack - a few cubes of Vermont Sharp with some Triscuits, some Smokey Bacon on some buttery thins or some Sharp Light on a wheat cracker. Throw in some summer sausage and some grapes (and even a glass of wine) and you're in for a tasty treat.

2) Egg scramble - I absolutely love scrambled eggs for breakfast, but not just plain eggs. I've always got lots of add ins going - spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, peppers just to name a few. Take a look at this Bratwurst egg scramble I made with Cabot's Horseradish Cheddar.

3) Quesadilla - Cabot cheeses make for some great quesadillas. Look at these Steak, Spinach and Cheese quesadillas I made with the Vermont Sharp.

4) Burgers - Slices of Extra Sharp made their way onto a few burgers and it melted so nicely and was great with some lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli on a pretzel bun! Yum!

5) Pizza - I love to use blends of cheeses for pizza. I've gotten some great combination shredded blends at Trader Joe's. Sometimes if I don't have a blended variety, I blend in my own. Some Seriously Sharp got shredded and added to some plain old mozzarella and went on top of some sauce on top of flatbread with spinach and tomatoes. Delish!

6) Grilled Cheese - Cabot definitely takes your grilled cheese up a notch and elevates it to new levels of deliciousness. Put some slices of Vermont Sharp on some whole grain bread (and maybe a slice of tomato or avocado) and it's pure cheesy ecstasy. :)

6) Quiche - I've made a few quiches over the past few months and have added in small cubes of cheese along with the meat and veggies. It was fantastic. I never knew how easy quiche was to make if you cheat a little and use a prepared crust. It's one of my new favorite meals.

7) Tacos - When it comes to tacos I normally buy some shredded cheddar or a co-jack cheese blend and call it a day, but if you grab some Cabot JalapeƱo and add it, you'll get a flavor kick you won't seen forget.

8) Panini - I love trying out different cheeses on pan inis. If you don't own a panini maker, do yourself a favor and go buy one NOW. It gives you the advantage of being able to enjoy a warm sandwich without buttering up the bread like you normally would. You end up with bread that is dry, yet toasty and you can fill the middle with all kinds of meat, veggies, sauces and cheese. This is one of my favorites. I used Swiss, but you could easily put any variety of Cabot cheese in its place. They all are great for melting to a gooey mess in between your bread.

9) Mac and Cheese - If all you've ever eaten is mac and cheese in a blue box, you owe it to yourself to make some from scratch with high quality cheese and some Panko bread crumbs on top. Really. Give it a try.

10) Breakfast Burrito - I love to have eggs for breakfast and I also love to throw the eggs into a flour tortilla and let cheese melt into it. Pepper Jack is great for this.

11) Horseshoe Sandwich - Never heard of it? That's not a surprise. It's a specialty of the Springfield, Illinois area - a piece of Texas Toast, topped with the meat of your choice, then topped with fries and optional veggies with a rich cheese sauce oozing over the mountain of goodness. Here's the recipe.


  1. Definitely 11 great ways to use cheese! I love me some cheese :)

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