Make Some Labor Day BBQ Floats with Not Your Father's Products

Got barbecue plans this weekend? Sweeten things up with some grown-up floats using the nostalgic flavors of Not Your Father's beverages. See below for some fun regionally-inspired versions compliments of Derrick Turner.

Small Town Brewery Regional Inspired Floats
Created by Derrick Turner, Hardings NYC

New York, NY
·       3 oz Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale 
·       .75 oz Apple Cider
·       .75 oz Rye
·       Vanilla Ice Cream 
·       Ginger Snaps 

In a Collins glass, combine the ginger ale, rye, and cider. Top with ice cream and ginger snaps.

Garnish: Caramelized Apple

Inspiration: The Big Apple
This one was a no brainer. And it's easy to see why.

Dallas, TX
·       2 oz Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale
·       .5 oz Grapefruit Juice
·       Lemon Sorbet 

In a flute glass, add grapefruit juice then float the ginger ale. Add a scoop of sorbet.

Garnish: Mint Sprig

Inspiration: Cool in the Sun
Texas has always been a vibrant place, even in its hot days. The climate is a perfect place to grow beautiful citrus fruits, so why not use them for a cool and refreshing drink?

Phoenix, AZ
·       2 oz Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale  
·       .75 oz Tequila
·       1 oz Prickly Pear
·       .25 oz Agave
·       Vanilla Ice Cream

Combine tequila, prickly pear, and agave in a blender with light ice. Blend until smooth. Pour mixture into a Collins glass. Pour in ginger ale. Top with vanilla ice cream.

Garnish: Edible Flower

Inspiration: Climate/Region
This cocktail is to represent the harsh but gentle lifestyle that Arizona offers. Using the sour freshness of the prickly pear to evoke the conditions of the desert with the cool velvety texture of the milk to represent its beautiful nights.

Chicago, IL
·       3 oz Not Your Father’s Root Beer
·       .75 oz Bourbon
·       .25 oz Banana Purée 
·       Vanilla Ice Cream
·       Caramel Popcorn

Combine bourbon and purée in a blender with light ice. Blend until smooth. Pour into a brandy snifter. Add root beer into glass. Top it off with ice cream.  Crush popcorn and sprinkle on top.

Garnish: Caramel Popcorn

Inspiration: Garrett's Popcorn
Garrett's Popcorn has been a staple in Chicago since 1949, serving up unique flavors that has blossomed into a national treat.

Seattle, WA   
·       2 oz Not Your Father’s Root Beer
·       1 oz Chilled Coffee
·       .75 oz Bourbon
·       Vanilla Ice Cream
·       Caramel
·       Pistachio 

Add crushed ice to a Collins glass. Combine all liquids to the glass. Top it off with ice cream and caramel drizzle.

Garnish: Pistachio 

Inspiration: Damn Good Coffee
For quite some time, Seattle has become a place to grab a good cup of joe. It would be unjustifiable NOT to use "black gold", AKA coffee, to represent Seattle.

Boston, MA
·       2 oz Not Your Father’s Vanilla Cream Ale
·       .75 oz Tea
·       Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

Add shaved ice to a coffee cup with tea and cream soda. Top it off with ice cream.

Garnish: Raspberry and Mint

Inspiration: Old vs Old World
Boston is bursting with history. The Boston Tea Party was an important event in American history. After the revolution, an influx of cocoa consumption was on the rise. But the combination of the two with the sweet notes of the cream is something to dream about.

Tampa, FL
·       2 oz Not Your Father’s Vanilla Cream Ale 
·       .75 oz Vodka
·       Strawberries
·       2 tbsp Sugar
·       Shortcake
·       Vanilla or Strawberry Ice Cream 
·       Whipped Cream

In a separate glass, combine strawberries and sugar. Mix until a light syrup forms. In an old fashioned glass, add shaved ice. Combine cream soda and vodka to the old fashioned glass. Add the strawberries and sugar mixture to the old fashioned glass, then add in the shortcake. Top it off with whipped cream.

Garnish: Strawberry Wedge

Inspiration: Strawberry Shortcake 
Tampa is a large producer of strawberries. So why not make a dessert drink. You're welcome!

Sacramento, CA
·       2 oz Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale 
·       .5 oz Rum
·       .25 oz Honey
·       .25 oz Orange Juice
·       Dark Chocolate Truffle Gelato
·       Ginger Root (pinch)

In a blender, combine honey, orange juice, and rum with light ice. Pour into a brandy snifter, adding in the ginger ale. Add sorbet.

Garnish: Dark Chocolate Shavings 

Inspiration: Gold 'n' Rails
Sacramento has a rich history of gold and train rails. The ginger brightens up any day, just like gold that was mined all those years ago. The chocolate represents the backbone of the rails that supported the industry. Together, it's a win win!

Los Angeles, CA
·       2 oz Not Your Father’s Root Beer 
·       .75 oz Spiced Rum
·       Churro 
·       Semi-Sweet Chocolate (melted)
·       .5 tsp Cayenne Pepper
·       Salted Caramel Ice Cream

In a bowl, combine pepper and melted chocolate. In a coupe glass, add shaved ice with root beer and rum. Top with ice cream. Drizzle chocolate over mixture.

Garnish: Churros 

Inspiration: The Melting Pot 
California has a beautiful mixture of culture that is wildly recognized. Sharing its boarders with Mexico, large communities have formed trying to replicate tastes that makes Mexico so unique. This drink will put you in that state of mind!

Washington, DC
·       3 oz Not Your Father’s Vanilla Cream Ale 
·       .75 oz Spiced Rum
·       Strawberry Ice Cream 
·       Mocha Macarons 

Combine all liquids with shaved ice in old fashioned glass. Add ice cream.

Garnish: Mocha Macarons/Mint