Eli's Golden Apple

A group of former co-workers and I get together on occassion for breakfast and one of the ladies suggested Eli's Golden Apple in Crown Point for one of our breakfast get-togethers. I don't get out to that area too often, so it was nice to take a drive out there where I pass fields and silos and cows (I took the Route 41 drive rather than the expressway.) 

The casual spot has a large selection of menu items. My friend selected a salad and I went for the Eggs Benedict Florentine (with my eggs scrambled.) I'm kind of a sucker for anything covered in Hollandaise sauce. The place got a definite thumbs up for me and I'd definitely stop again if I make my way out again to that land of corn fields and silos and cows. :)

Eli's Golden Apple
101 E. 107th 
Crown Point, IN
(219) 663-7060


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