Butterfingers Chicken Salad

So, for many years I've heard people rave about the chicken salad at Butterfinger's Bakery and Deli in Munster and even though I live pretty close, I somehow had never been there. It's tucked a little off the main street, so I tend to forget it is there. But, one recent day in search of a light lunch, I stopped in to finally see what all the fuss is about.

I ordered a half of the chicken almond salad and got it on dill bread, which I really liked. The fresh dill added to the chicken salad really stood out - and if you love almonds, the generous amount of slivered almonds that you get in this sandwich adds a nice crunch. I managed to make my way out the door without any goodies, but did stop in a week later and got some cheesecake for my hubby. All of the desserts look tremendous and I'll have to keep the place in mind next time I'm seeking something for my sweet tooth. Also, the ladies working in the shop on my last stop were uber sweet. There were 3 of them. I had just come from a reading of my latest children's book, Into the Night, to a summer school class and was wearing a shirt with the book cover on it. One of the ladies complimented me on it and I told her about the book. Next thing I knew all three of them were buying a copy for their grandkids. :)

Also, I had no idea until just a few months ago that there's another location in Highland, so there are two spots for you to check out some of their menu offerings. I heard they do a brisk business before Thanksgiving and Christmas, also, as they take orders for all kinds of cakes and pies and bars to customers to serve as holiday desserts.

921D Ridge Road
Munster, In
butterfingers bakery.com