Eating like a kid at Chipotle

I get frustrated at the oversized serving at many restaurants and even though it's been a long time since I was a kid, I often prefer to order a kids' meal so that I get something with more true portions and less of the food - and fat and calories and carbs and sodium and cholesterol than I want. I can always get an adult size meal and pack up the rest to take home. And I often do. But reheated stuff usually isn't as good as when it's fresh.

One of my favorite spots for a kid meal is Chipotle, although what I get in a kids' meal seems to be inconsistent. One time I'll order it and they give me two tacos, plus chips and rice and beans without asking me what I want. Then I'll go another time and they won't give me guac, even as a meat substitute and I have to pay extra for it. And one time they said I could only get three items with the tacos, so I got meat and cheese and lettuce and that was it. They wouldn't add any rice or pico or sour cream. So, I never am sure what I'm going to get, but it's much more a suitable serving size and it includes a drink and the price usually ranges from $5 - $6, rather than $9 to $12.

Panda Express is another spot where I like to grab a kids meal. It's $5 and a perfect portion. I've also ordered kids meals at Meatheads where I get a little meathead with fries and a drink. I usually add avocado to the burger and it's around $7.

Got any other good suggestions for me on mini size meals?