Thai San: Darien, Illinois

Us two foodie sisters don't get together for extravagant meals out as much anymore since foodie sis Becky has had little ones. Our trips out these days often involve the kids or are a quick get-together on lunch break from work.

We recently had a fun day together as I went up to visit with two of my boys and we all decided to head out to lunch and to the library together. Then we ordered dinner and ate again. It was fun. For lunch, we went out to Thai San. We've gone there several times before - sometimes for a meal made at one of the hibachi grills. But, at lunch time on a weekday, it's just a quick bite. Here's some of what we enjoyed this time:

Hot and sour soup
Egg drop soup
Orange chicken and fried rice
Chicken chop sued with fried rice
Broccoli beef with fried rice
Egg rolls
My 17-year-old with my niece - foodie sis Becky's little girl. 
Cantaloupe smoothie! I LOVE these!

The company was lovely. Here's me with my adorable niece. :) She's about 9 months old now!