Full Spirited Liqueur Infused Cakes

We recently got a sample of Full Spirited Flavors Liquor Infused Cakes to try out. I was wowed by these delectable desserts with more than a hint of liquor to them. This is not your mother's rum cake!

The first of the four that I tried out was the Chocolate Raspberry, which is a rich, chocolate cake with raspberry liquor, chocolate chunks and infused with a raspberry glaze and topped with a splash of white chocolate. I pulled it out to try with hubby for a weekday lunch. Like I said, it's got more than a hint of liquor, so I kept my sample small as to not drift off in the middle of the workday. :)

The aroma of the liquor was intense, but pleasant and each 3 1/2 ounce cake was so moist and so flavorful, achieved through a unique family-created liqueur infusion process where the liqueur glaze is injected into the cake.

The other three flavors: Limoncello, Amaretto and Mango Coconut Rum were brought out at my son's birthday party to share with my sister-in-law, nephew and his fiancé and my oldest, just turned 21-year-old son. Each cake can be sliced into about six generous slices as an impressive treat for guests.

Everyone gave it high marks, with four of the five of us hooked on the Amaretto - with rich chocolate pieces and infused with Amaretto glaze and topped with toasted almonds. My sister-in-law preferred the tropical taste of the Mango Coconut Rum, a fruit flavored cake infused with coconut rum liquor glaze. Limoncello wasn't far behind with white chocolate pieces and a Limoncello soaked crumb topping.

This boxed set of cakes makes a perfect gift and also a unique treat for a girls night. I love that the company was started by three sisters. :) Put this on you shopping list for the Christmas season or perhaps hint to Santa that you'd like a box all of your own. It has been featured on Rachael Ray's "Snack of the Day" twice, on QVC's Holiday Special and on Live Well.

Visit FullSpiritedFlavours.com for more information. The Bloomin' Blossoms sampler pack currently sells for $24.95 and you can also order 10-ounce junior sizes and full-size cakes at FullSpiritedFlavours.com.