Grindhouse Cafe

For many months I've been hearing about Grindhouse Cafe, a trendy little coffee and sandwich shop in downtown Griffith, Indiana, and I've been meaning to get there. I happen to meet the owner, Gabe, at a charity cooking competition event recently (we were both on the judging panel) and that renewed my interest and got me to make a special trip to Griffith.

Unfortunately, I'm not a coffee drinker (I hear the coffee there is magnificent) and I really prefer iced tea to hot tea. This Jamaican Rooibos hit the spot. I've been craving it ever since my stop there.

Although the chicken salad comes highly recommended, the Croque Grindhouse caught my eye. Loved the lightly toasted sourdough with ham, provolone and Swiss cheese with apple and herb dijon mustard and served with a side of chips. I was very pleased and will plan to get back there soon to try out the chicken salad that everyone raves about.

There's also a big selection of loose leaf teas.

And a nice selections of sweets. I'm a sucker for scones, so I got a lemon ginger one (It. Was. Heavenly.) and a cranberry one to go.

They also have a nice selection of breakfast items that sound like they are worth getting up early for.

146 N. Broad St.
Griffith, IN
(219) 595-5678


  1. Croque Grindhouse is my favorite sandwich, but the pulled pork sandwich is also crazy amazing.


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