Enjoy Ethnic Goodies from Tony's Fresh Market

**A gift card was provided for part of my purchase. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

I recently visited a Tony's Fresh Market for the first time. The grocery chain has 15 locations in Chicagoland - 6 city locations and 9 in the suburbs. It has everything you'll find at your standard grocery store and much more - things like a hot food bar, gelato bar, an olive bar, freshly made soups, a juice bar of freshly squeezed citrus fruits. But one of my favorite things about the market (I visited the location in Berwyn) is the wide selection of ethnic foods you'll find there. 

There are several international aisles with tons of packaged food, from cookies to pastas to coffees and all kinds of other products from all over the world.

Tony's also has their own line of products, including some great ethnic treats, including their own brand of jarred Spanish olives and deli items like antipasto salad and Greek salad. They also have freshly made salsa, menudo, Puerto Rican rice, tamales and ceviche.

One of my favorite items I got at Tony's Fresh Market was their Italian beef with au jus that made for some awesome sandwiches. It was thinly sliced and the so nicely seasoned with the juice. I topped it with some mild giardiniera and cheese and really loved it.

I also had made a meal one night that was kind of an odd combo on ethnic foods, but it was all stuff I enjoy. I got some of the fresh Polish sausage from Tony's deli and some of their Puerto Rican rice and then bought some kale, cabbage and potatoes and made my favorite Irish dish, colcannon. Later we had some zeppole (a traditional Italian pastry) from the bakery at Tony's Fresh Market and some German chocolate that I picked out from one of the international aisles. There's so much variety there that you can make a meal out of cuisine from any corner of the world. For more information on Tony's Fresh Market, visit tonysfreshmarket.com.