Scotty’s Brewhouse

Whenever we are on a road trip in Indiana and we know we'll need to make a food stop, my husband gets online and checks to see if there is a Scotty's Brewhouse along our route. We were introduced to Scotty's Brewhouse a few years back on a media trip in Indianapolis.

Since then we've returned to Scotty's several more time - at the Broad Ripple location as well as the Bloomington and Mishiwaka locations. Most recently as we were on our way to Richmond, Indiana we made a lunch stop at the Scotty's location is West Lafayette.

Scotty's is a place where we know we'll be able to get good craft beer. It's brewed by their company Thr3e Wise Men Brewing and I usually order the same one - Snow Bunny Blonde. Hubby is a stout and porter guy, so whenever he can get one of those he does and that's what he got on this most recent trip - a thick, heavy stout.

We also always have to order the pickle chips. They're super crisp and yummy and served with some of their homemade sauce. There's a horseradish one that I love.

Beyond the pickle chips, it's a place where we know that everyone will find something they like on the menu - not that the boys are all that picky. At least not anymore. When we were first introduced to Scotty's it was at least a decade ago when I still had little ones - in the toddler and preschool phases. One of the boys had a few favorite things that he would eat and he just wouldn't eat much else. One of his approved and most requested foods was chicken fingers and I remember how much he loved the chicken fingers he would get off the kids menu.

Now the boys are all teens with much bigger appetites and they are all carnivores. Each picked out their own meaty meal and everyone was happy.

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