Butterfingers Bakery

I love bakeries. And I love delis. And I love when a deli also does great baked items. And I love when a bakery is also a cafe. 

Butterfingers is the best of both worlds. They have amazing cakes and other treats and they also serve up sandwiches on their freshly-baked breads and along with salads, quiche and other entrees. There are two locations in Northwest Indiana. I occasionally work as a substitute teacher at some local schools near one of the locations, so when I have the chance I like to stop over for lunch. They sandwiches are piled high on their homemade bread - the dill is my favorite - and they also have some tasty pasta salads to go with them.

Of course, it's hard to leave without getting any sweets. They have awesome cupcakes and cookies and brownies that I've purchased on some of the visits. They have a cream-filled chocolate cupcake that looks like the Hostess variety that my mom used to pack in my lunchbox when I was growing up - but the Butterfingers version is so much better.

On this last visit I noticed that they had carrot cakes in the case and since it was my son's birthday and that's his favorite kind of cake, I had to get one. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. 

For more information, visit butterfingersbakery.com.