Capri's Pizza

It seems I've been having a hard time lately finding a nice Chicago thin crust pizza similar to those old-school pies of my youth. I love a crunchy crust and believe me, I'll fight you for those corner pieces! 

We ate our share of pizza growing up - often from a favorite local spot where my dad worked a second part time job (in addition to working full-time as an accountant) on the weekends doing deliveries. Pizza was our Saturday night ritual and what I wouldn't give to go back and have one of those pizzas (cheese, sausage, mushroom and green pepper on top) from Vesuvio's Pizzeria in Riverdale.

I recently got a taste of a pizza that took me back in time. It was very similar to that favorite pizza of my childhood - that one meal that we were allowed to eat in front of the television. It took me back to a Saturday evening in the late 1970s where Dad would ring the bell and give his special knock on the door and then burst in yelling "pizza man!" We'd grab our slices and wash them down with a glass of Pepsi as we tuned into the Love Boat and Fantasy Island.

Anyway, this pizza that was such a wonderful nostalgic throwback was from Capri's Pizza in Schererville, Indiana. The pizzeria originated in South Chicago in 1955. It's only the second time I had pizza from this spot since it's about a half-hour away from where I live in an area I don't get to very often. But I just might have to make a special trip back - maybe on a Saturday night while I que up some past episodes of the Captain and Tattoo.

Capri's Pizza
837 Main Street
Schererville, IN