Donut Fest Chicago South Burbs at 350 Brewing

I love a good food fest. How about you? I’ve been to all kinds of them. Fests dedicated to beer or pizza or burgers or bacon or mac and cheese or grilled cheese or desserts or gourmet fare or wine or gelato or spirits or a combination of several different varieties of food and drink. But this was my first time at a festival that was all about donuts.

Donut Fest Chicago South Burbs was held at 350 Brewing’s production facility in Tinley Park. I was really excited that there was a fest like this happening in the south suburbs, because the majority of these fun and delicious fests are held in the city or are in suburbs far from home (which for me is the far south suburbs close to the Indiana state line).

There were about a dozen vendors there - most of them doling out samples of doughnuts and a few others serving lemonade, chocolate milk and cheesecake.

And what’s better than getting to taste a bunch of different doughnuts? Pairing them with beer. 350 Brewing had five of their beers on tap for the event. I was partial to the Punktoberfest pumpkin beer, which went really, really well with the apple cinnamon and caramel doughnuts I tried out.

I’m looking forward to the return of Donut Fest next year and hoping it’s at the same south suburban venue. The organizers (Social Power Hour)  also host a number of other Donut Fest and other food events around the country, so follow along to see if they are hosting one soon in your neck of the woods.