Algonquin Man Becomes TikTok Famous After Cooking Videos Go Viral

In mid-October - so just under two months ago, Darryl Postelnick made his first TikTok video at his daughter's urging. In the video and those since, Postelnick is at his north suburban home doing something he loves - cooking. 

His 13-year-old daughter, Lindsey, is the behind-the-scenes brain who helps to make everyone who watches the videos fall in love with the dad who likes to drink a little red wine or a craft beer while he whips up everything from lamb chops to fried rice to butternut squash soup. 

He quickly became a viral sensation, amassing a following of close to a million followers. Swing by and check him out at @cookingwithdarryl. If you're like me, you'll watch and watch until you're lost in a dreamy foodie land with another tab open to order his favorite accessory, a set of electric salt and pepper grinders, while taking notes on how to make smash sliders or the perfect tomahawk ribeye.

When did you start making TikTok videos?   

In mid-October just about two months ago, Darryl Postelnick mad his first TikTok video at his daughter's urging. Started back in mid-Oct, I just got introduced to Tiktok and got a bit addicted


It was your daughter's idea?  

Yes, she asked me to open an account and make some cooking videos. I resisted because I am not really into Social Media, but then she said "it could be something we do together," and I couldn’t resist.   


Is she the person on the other end of the camera in all your videos?   

Yes, she does all of the filming and editing.


So you live in Algonquin, Illinois and also have a place in Arizona, I think I read?   

Yes, have homes in both places. My twins are Freshman at ASU. We were born and raised in Chicago, moved to Seattle for a couple years (2011-13), then back to Algonquin. 


Where did you learn how to cook?   

It is only a hobby for me. I learned at an early age from my mom, but then really got into it with my friend group, who all like to cook and share recipes and meals.  I do most of the cooking in our house.


Tell me more about your awesome outdoor grill.   

I have a Big Green Egg and a Blackstone, 2 grills that I love!!! We made a really nice outdoor living area, so we spend a lot of time outside and entertaining, so wanted to make it really nice and comfortable. I do most of my cooking outside, but come winter we move everything to inside.


Tell me about your family - I think I read you have 3 kids?    

I have 19 yr old twins, both attending ASU (David & Lexi) and a 13 yr old daughter, Lindsey. My wifes name is Karen and we’ve been married for 20 yrs.  


I love that you give a shout out to a lot of different places - I think you mentioned a restaurant and a brewery in your videos. What are some other favorites - products, restaurants, breweries, etc.?    

I really like helping out local ‘joints’ that we love attending. My nephew-in-law is GM at MORE brewery in Huntley, and we love their beer and food, so I like to support them, especially during these tough times.   

The wine I promote are all from WA, where we lived for a couple years, and belong to all their clubs and they are supporting me as I promote their wines. The restaurant in WA I mention in one of my early videos was my FAVORITE place to go for 15 years, and just thought I would give them a shout out. I really want to use this medium to help promote some of my favorite things to help give back.  I also plan on cooking at a special needs school in Chicago called New Horizons Center, where I plan to have the kids help me cook a meal. This will be fun for them and a way to give back and help the school out.

That sweet Alice pepper grinder. I bought one after watching you use it. Did you work out affiliate links set up so you get a little commission off of all those grinders you are helping to sell?

I do have an affiliate link for some of the gadgets I use.


How often do you post on TikTok?    

I try to post 2-3 times a week, still haven’t really found a rhythm.  


What is your favorite dish to make?   

I have so many: steak, fried rice, pasta…really everything!

What is your favorite kitchen accessory?   

I LOVE my S&P grinders, I got them as a Fathers Day gift from my family.  


What is your profession? 

I am in Sales, I worked as VP of Sales at Microsoft for 15 yrs  (running Xbox division) and for past 4 years at Opia, as SVP of Sales running Sales promotions.