Moser's Austrian Cafe: New Carlisle, IL

Back over the summer just as we were coming out of the stay-at-home orders, I planned our first date of the pandemic. It was our anniversary and I wanted to take a little day trip to get out of town and find a new place to try a bite to eat.

My husband's father grew up in Germany and immigrated here as a teen. He introduced me to German cuisine when I met him as a teenager and I fell in love. I adore German food - particularly schnitzel. It's probably my favorite meal ever. I love is served up with some German fried potatoes and red cabbage with rye bread, usually along with a pint of good German beer and and a slice of Black Forest Cake or strudel for dessert.

So, when I stumbled across a German place we had not been before, I knew I had to make plans. It was June and they were open for indoor and outdoor dining, so we set out for this little town in Northwest Indiana. The downtown is pretty cute and charming and we took a little walk on the main street. The restaurant is in a really cool historic building. The adjoining building is a bakery and coffee shop and we picked up some goodies there, too.

The German cuisine here was as good as I've had it anywhere. We sampled quite a bit of the menu - a giant pretzel, a variety of sausages, a portabella appetizer, potato pancake, a schnitzel. Everything was amazing. There was a good selection of imported beers.

I'd love to revisit sometime when they have the live German musical entertainment. That always makes a fun time and enhances the experience even more.

If you find yourself in this cute little corner of Northwest Indiana, be sure to stop for a bite of German grub.