Breakfast at Cafe Sinclair's: West Baden Springs, IN

I just returned from a lovely trip in Southern Indiana staying in a luxurious place that was a center of entertainment, recreation and wellness for the rich and famous a century ago. The West Baden Springs Hotel was called the "Eighth Wonder of the World" when it was built because of the engineering marvel it was - with the largest free-standing dome in the world to date at that time. Opened in 1902, the hotel brought people in droves via railway to enjoy and explore this stunning resort nestled in this beautiful section of the Midwest.

During our stay, we visited Cafe Sinclair's, one of their on-site eateries for breakfast in the morning. The location is bright and airy, sophisticated and refined with elevated classic breakfast cuisine. They also served dishes with such gorgeous presentations, full of color and sometimes embellished with floral blooms, with fresh ingredients and sizable portions.

If you are ever in the area - even if not staying at the hotel - I recommend seeking out Sinclair's for breakfast or and early brunch. It's in the hotel's original dining room set just off the atrium and behind the fireplace. The atrium is something that simply needs to be experienced. Words and even photos do not do it justice.

In the evening, the space becomes Sinclair's Restaurant, a fine dining spot that also features Table One, a private dining experience for up to 10 on exclusive Versace tableware with a special five-course chef's menu. You can also view the staff working through glass windows while you dine.

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