Pizza 101 at SLYCE Coal-Fired Pizza in Rosemont

I love any kind of interactive food activity where I can chat with experts, learn little bits of info on how food is made and tips on how to make it better. Cooking classes, pairing dinners, mixology workshops, chef dinners, wine tastings - I'm there for all of it. So, I loved getting a sneak peek at the pizza making workshops that will be coming soon to SLYCE Coal-Fired Pizza in Rosemont.

Located in the Embassy Suites Hotel in the shadow of O'Hare Airport, this new restaurant opened a little over a month ago. It's the fourth location for this local company that has roots in the restaurant industry going back 60 years. Started by mother-daughter duo Laurie & Brittany Barth in 2010, Slyce offers up pizza that is quite different that the Midwest pizza we're used to. Using coal brought in from Pennsylvania, the pies are cooked in less than five minutes in an oven at temps up to around 800 degrees. It produces a thin, crispy crust with a nice char and great flavor.

I had the privilege of attending a fun Pizza 101 workshop with some influencers and media to try our hand at making this unique style of pizza. We each got a ball of dough and learned how to work it it to spread it out into a canvas for the pizza. It involved poking and punching and pinching and tossing and stretching until it was just right.

From there, we had three options for our sauce or base and we used sliced, not shredded mozzarella for melting over it. Then came a variety of toppings to make the pizza our own - from pancetta to prosciutto to feta to roasted red peppers to Calabrian chilis and more. I know a lot went into it behind the scenes to prep the dough, make the sauces, chop the ingredients. But as far as putting it together, it was a pretty simple process. It made it feel like something you could repeat on your own. 

We tried out a few appetizers as we got started - some Oven Roasted Lemon Basil Chicken Wings, Coal-Fired Artichoke Dip, Italian Stuffed Mushrooms, Nonna's Cooked To Order Meatballs and others. We also had some of the Grecian salad along side our pizza.

The results were beautiful and delicious! Keep an eye on their social media and website for new pizza making opportunities at the Rosemont location.

SLYCE Coal-Fired Pizza
5500 N. River Road