Five Treats You Need To Try at Gayety's This Summer

Although it’s open year round, treats at Gayety’s taste even better when the weather warms and that cold ice cream meets your lips. The iconic ice cream and candy shop originated in Chicago in 1920 and has been serving up their sweets in Lansing for years, first on Torrence Avenue and now in their quaint location in downtown Lansing.

They use only the best ingredients in their high-quality hand-dipped candies and their homemade ice cream. Serving everything from simple scoops of their premium ice cream to sundaes to phosphates and more, it might be hard to decided which way to take your sugar rush. You could visit once a week and keep going until you make your way through the whole menu - and that would certainly be something I would not discourage. But, let’s start here with some of the must-try items:


Get a twist on the traditional split with schools of their creamy ice cream topped with fresh strawberries in sauce and sliced bananas covered with pure whipped cream and chopped nuts.


There is nothing in the world like their signature sundae with the famous Gayety’s hot fudge over your choice of ice cream (vanilla is the best choice here!), caramel sauce, pecans and pure whipped cream.


A little malted milk added to their premium ice cream is quite the treat. Don’t forget to add the homemade whipped cream on top. 


This is one of the standard flavors on the menu and it’s one that just tastes like summer. You can do so much with it - have it as a stand alone in a cup, turn it into a shake, cover it with fruity toppings, smother it in whipped cream, scoop it on a brownie. This is one I always Leo to buy pre-packed from their freezer case to take home.


Fresh fruit at the peak of ripeness is pretty wonderful - even moreso when you pair it with three large scoops of gourmet vanilla ice cream and call it a sundae. This is a customer favorite and a must-try if you make your way there.