Back to the grill

I love outdoor cooking for many reasons.

1) When it gets hot outside, it keeps the house cooler.
2) Less mess to clean up inside.
3) I'm able to enjoy our outdoor patio set and feel the breeze while I enjoy my meal.
4) Hubby does a lot of the cooking.
5) I love a good steak and grilling steak is the only way for me!

Here's a shot of one of our first grill meals this season:

1) A think strip steak covered with Weber's steak seasoning
2) Grilled sweet corn, made on the grill in the husk after soaking in cool water for about an hour.
3) Texas Toast Garlic Bread. I think this was from Aldi. Just take it right from the freezer and throw it on an upper rack.
4) The mixed veggies were a frozen pack from Trader Joe's. They were excellent. Put them in a foil packet on the grill.
5) Fingerling potatoes. I popped them in the microwave with some butter for about 4 minutes.