Froehlich's in Three Oaks, Michigan

For several years our family has been hanging out in the Three Oaks, Michigan area. It started years ago when our family friend, Don, moved permanently from the south suburbs of Chicago up to his second home in Galien, Michigan. You pass through Three Oaks to get to Galien and my husband had made a stop there once on a visit to see Don. He came back telling me how cute and quaint this little country town was, yet it also had a trendy downtown area that attracts tourists during the summer season as they flock to the lakefront in nearby New Buffalo, Harbert and other lakeside communities.

As soon as he brought me there for a visit, I fell in love. We often talk about moving to that area ourselves some day. Don passed away a couple years ago, but we still visit the area several times each summer season and we even go up about once a month in the fall and spring just to have lunch and walk around. In the summer, we take all the kids up there for various events or just for a quiet picnic and some kite flying.

On our most recent visit, we had the day planned out as far as lunch (a stop in New Buffalo at Redamak's), but it was still early and we decided to walk around in Three Oaks for a bit. Hubby wanted a cup of coffee and so we wandered into Froehliche's. I've been there a time or two before for sandwiches and wraps and everything has been delicious.

This time, we decided we'd just split a breakfast burrito - just a few bites to tide us over until lunch. The burrito was super tasty, paired with some homemade salsa. Oh, and when I saw deviled eggs in the case for 99 cents each, I couldn't resist.

I also did a little shopping while I was there, picking up some sausage, jam, fudge and cheese. I'll put up some posts as I try them to let you know how they fared. :)

The store is absolutely adorable, with lots of homemade goodies, like pickles and jellies and cute kitchen accessories and decor. Here's a peek:


  1. Looks like a lot of foodie fun! I really need to visit next time we are in Michigan!


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