Panera's Egg, Bacon and Asiago Breakfast Sandwich

Panera is one of my favorite eateries. I seriously could eat there every day of my life and never get sick of it. Between their hearty salads, savory sandwiches and delicious soups, I don't think I'd ever tire of the menu offerings. I also love the bagels and muffins that I've picked up on occasion.

However, I'd never had a breakfast sandwich there until recently. I am not a big breakfast eater and there's not one real close by that I pass in my normal course of daily travel. But, when I was running some errands one day after a stressful morning, I decided I'd get something in my stomach. I pulled in to Panera and tried out one of their egg, bacon and asiago cheese sandwiches.

It was pretty much a breakfast panini - the bagel grilled to perfection. And asiago is a a flavor I just love -- the sharpness of it  is something I'm just crazy about. At $4, plus another $1.59 for my small serving of organic chocolate milk, it's a little more than I like to spend on breakfast if I'm running errands and decide to stop. But, as far as taste, it is miles ahead of a $1 sausage biscuit from the golden arches.