South Bend Chocolate Company and Cafe: Valparaiso, Indiana

I have been out in Valparaiso, Indiana several times in the last year for work and fun. Nearly every time I'm in that area, I make a stop at the South Bend Chocolate Company. I usually pick up some candy or fudge. All their sweets are amazing.

On my last visit I stopped in at lunchtime and got a rueben sandwich and soup and realized that it's a place worth stopping not just for sweets.

So, when my son had a recent soccer game at a park in Valparaiso, I stopped for a sandwich. This time I got chicken salad with some cheddar cheese on it. It was the best chicken salad sandwich I've ever had. It came with a side of chips and some potato salad.

My son opted for something sweet - a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream. And see that big malted milk ball on top? He gave that to me. If we weren't already driving and a mile away by then, I would have gone right back in for a pound of them. I can't say I didn't consider turning the car around and going back. But I know what I'll be getting on my next visit.


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