Howard & Sons Ultimate Seasoning

Growing up, my mom didn't seem to use a lot of spices. Most of her dishes simply used salt and pepper. She'd sprinkle paprika on deviled eggs, Lawry's seasoning salt on hamburgers and she used dried onions or parsley in her potato boiled potatoes, but that was about it.

Now that I'm grown up and cooking on my own, I love to use spices to enhance the flavors of different dishes. I also love collecting different seasoning blends. This one from Howard & Sons, a meat market in Munster, Indiana is my favorite. It is great on almost any meat. I put it on steaks, chicken and pork and I use it often to season potatoes or other vegetables.

If you happen to be in that area of the Hoosier State, stop by there and pick up a container. I think it's about $1. And tell them Chicago Foodie Sisters sent you.