Duncan Hines Classic Carrot Cake Mix

My dad is a fan of carrot cake. So, I like to make it for him once in a while. But, I've admitted before that most of the baked goods I make come from a box or at least start with a box and then I add extra ingredients to make them taste more homemade. I found a carrot cake mix that doesn't need any extras at all. My dad stopped over one day to bring me this mix he'd seen at the grocery store and to ask me if I'd make it for him.

In the box is an envelope of carrots and raisins that you soak in hot water for five minutes before adding to the dry mix. What a difference it makes. It comes out so moist and so good, you can totally pass it off for a slaved-in-my-kitchen-for-hours-kind-of-homemade. :)

Somehow I didn't get a pic after it was done cooking, but I can assure you that it was wonderful. Dad prefers it without any frosting and it's perfect just like that!