Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Many years ago my husband and I went to Medieval Times in Schaumburg, Illinois to enjoy the dinner and show, which included drama involving a princess, jousting knights, dancing horses and a trained falcon flying through the arena. The costumes were colorful, the horses were majestic, the museum of torture devices was bizarre, the mood was festive. It was a good time.

For years we have wanted to return with our kids. However, at the time we still had little ones in diapers who we knew would not sit still for an entire show. Even as the youngest one grew out of the preschool years, their picky tastes prevented us from going. My husband didn't want to take the whole gang there and have them refuse to eat the food. So, fast forward a few years as they've matured and their taste buds have matured. We decided spring break would be a nice time to go and we set out with our four younger boys for an afternoon at Medieval Times.

The castle structure can be seen from the expressway and it's one of those places where you're transported to another time as soon as you walk through the doors. Once you head in for dinner, you're seated at long tables where you have a good line of sight for the arena. Food is served sans silverware as would have been done back in the 11th century when the event is set.

Six knights clad in armor on horses in color-coordinated coverings fight to become champion with lances and shields and later swords and other weapons. All the while, the crowd, each sitting a section assigned to each night are cheering them on.

Here's a few shots of the fun. A post will be coming soon that will be all about the food, which completely exceeded expectations.

Medieval Times
Schaumburg, Illinois