So a couple weeks ago I got a text from my husband while he was at work: "Can I take you to lunch tomorrow?" 

Of course, I said "Heck, yeah!" And then I wondered where he was taking me. He wouldn't spill the beans, but when I asked him how to dress, he said casual.

So the next afternoon, I hopped in the car and off we went. We were heading into the city, but I had no idea where. Next thing I know we pull up in front of a place called "Hiene's." I LOL'd. "You took me to a place called Hiene's?" I asked.

I'd never heard of it before. We were on the southeast side and from the outside I could smell the aroma of a deep fryer. He told me that he'd seen it the night before on WGN's Chicago's Best. I love that show - and especially host Elliot Bambrough, who I've met a couple times (he is the sweetest guy!) and sat on a celebrity judging panel with for a chili cook-off. If it's on Chicago's Best, it's on my list, too.

So, in we went. I read up on the place on yellowed articles that were hanging from the wall and a menu with one of those old phone numbers that started with a letter followed by like four numbers. It's old school. And they're known for their hot Hienie's sauce, which you can purchase by the bottle.

On the show, they were highlighting the shrimp, so that's what hubby wanted to try. The perch also caught my eye, so we got a combo and paired it up with some fried zucchni. You can't have too much deep-fried goodness in one meal, can you? I liked all three - and especially the perch. We also got some chicken to take home for the kids. We were on a solo date, which was probably a good thing because there's not really a dining room - just a couple small booths. The majority of people filing in and out were grabbing a big, greasy bag of chicken to go.

Most of my foodie friends were familiar with the place, but somehow I'd never come across it before. While I wouldn't recommend it for every day consumption (I'm just going to pretend it didn't have calories), it's a great treat when you just need something deep fried and/or drenched in hot sauce.

10359 Torrence Ave.