Impressive Food Options at Great Wolf Lodge in Gurnee

Over the summer I had an opportunity to check out the newly-opened Great Wolf Lodge in Gurnee with a media group. I stayed for two nights with three teens and while we were there we tried out several of the dining options. 

They've got all the stuff that kids are drawn to, like chicken nuggets and burgers, but also much, much more...and lots of food with grown up appeal, too.

The Campfire Kitchen serves breakfast daily and also dinner on Friday and Saturday night with a nice selection of entrees and sides. The evening we were there, there was prime rib and barbecue chicken to choose from. I tried the mac and cheese and the kids had mashed potatoes. The salad was done in a fancy presentation with very fresh ingredients. It was a nice hearty meal that way way more upscale than I would have expected at a family water park.

Another dining option was Timbers Tacos, which is open daily. There was a nice selection of Tex Mex specialties, including tacos, quesadillas and customized bowls. It was a big hit with the kids - especially the churros for dessert.

We had some breakfast at The Barnwood Restaurant, which is loaded on the main level and has some a rustic look and an eclectic menu with some small plate options and a sizable cocktail and wine menu. Grilled octopus, lump crab cakes, short rib poutine and a golden beet salad are among the menu offerings.

And if you want something quick and kid-friendly, you can stop at Hungry As A Wolf for a Pizza and salad.

Other options for food and beverages are a Ben & Jerry's, Dunkin Doughnuts, Freshwoods Market (with grab and go sandwiches), two bars and Buckets (located inside the water park and serving burgers, hot dogs and more). Now that winter has hit and lounging in a pool outside isn't an option, plan a visit to Great Wolf Lodge where you can hang where the temp is 84 degrees and forget that it's freezing in Chitown. For more info, go to


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