11 Instagram Pages to Follow in 2019

Off of the blog, I spend a lot of time on social media. I especially love Instagram, which is such a great forum for foodies to share mouthwatering photos. I also do a travel blog and was actually doing travel writing long before this blog. So, when I scan my feed, it's loaded with food and travel bloggers (and those travel pages usually include some good food pics.) So, if you like hanging out on Insta, like I do, here are a dozen grammars I encourage you to follow in the new year. And if somehow you are not on Instagram, get over there and get started!

I've been following Christine Duke from @dukeesploratorium for quite some time and was able to finally meet her in real life this past year. Love her posts, whether they are of a good meal, a cool outfit or the adventures of her little mini-me. Check her out. You'll love her, too!

I met Diana and Sue a couple years ago at a food event and loved following their adventures of traveling and enjoying the best of the cuisine wherever they were. At another event we learned to make cachaca together! They're fun to hang with and fun to follow and you can also join them weekly for their #foodtravelchat Twitter Chat on Wednesday evenings.

I started following Phil from @polishphilcooks recently and was hooked right away. I met him in person at a recent media dinner and he is super friendly and pleasant in real life. Check out the page of this Masterchef finalist and bring a napkin. :)

Everything Erica is so much fun to follow especially if you like to watch stories. She's all over the city introducing followers to new eateries and attractions, with hubby Dan and her adorable daughter. She also cooks up some really good stuff, so if you are looking for new recipes check in on her stories often. And she does giveaways quite a bit, so you can win some really cool stuff when you follow along, too!

I started following Heather, @thehappyworldeater a couple years ago and soon realized she lives not far away and we frequent a lot of the same places in Northwest Indiana, but she also posts about her dining adventures in the city, so I always like to see where's she headed next and what she's eating. Finally met up with her in real life at an Instagrammer event at a Sox game this year...and what a sweetheart she is!

I met these two, @dangtravelers at a dinner last year and they're also Chicago suburbanites and so fun and down to earth. They do some serious road trips and share some stunning images along the way.

Eugene (@feyginfoto) is always sharing new food products and restaurants in and around the city. He's also full of bits of food trivia ~ and I love learning new bits of food history in his posts. He's another who's active with Instastories, so if you like watching stories, check out his page.

I came across Nina's page, @strawberry.road.vintage a while back and loved her posts of vintage dishes that she eventually started selling at some of the artisan markets in the area. Her Instastories are fun and real. Finally got to meet her IRL not long ago. We met locally for brunch and chatted like longtime friends. I adore her.

If you like to talk food with other foodies in addition to looking at food porn, #Foodiechats is such a fun way to interact. Each Monday night you can join in with Steve Green and his many followers to discuss a variety of different foodie topics. And IRL he and girlfriend Angela are just the sweetest. He's going on 9 years of the weekly chats and is still super passionate about it all. 

Another fun travel blog is @openwidetheworld. I met Julie last year and enjoy seeing her adventures along with her family. Takes me back to the days before I had teenagers - and they truly enjoyed traveling with their mom. :) Follow along on their adventures around the world.

Debbie Donato is a certified BBQ judge - tough job, but someone's got to do it. :) I've judged a few events over the years and it's a fun, but often difficult job. But when she's not judging she's dining and tasting and cooking and I love to see where she's at and what she's noshing on.