Culinary Fight Club

At the end of the year, I always spend time going back through photos and reflecting on all the foodie fun we've had. One of the coolest events I've been to was a Culinary Fight Club event. There are several events during their year where a number of genius chefs compete with a 60 minute time-frame to create something spectacular with a limited set of ingredients. 

They happen in a few different cities - and of course the Chicago events are amazing with some great talent and the super fun host, Anthony Martorina. There's also an awesome charitable component to it. The events raise money for Fight2Feed, a not-for-profit that aims to fight hunger and minimize food waste. Follow both Culinary Fight Club and Fight2Feed on Facebook to get the scoop on upcoming events. You'll have a great time, get to nosh on some amazing food and help a wonderful cause in the process.